Hydraulic Extendable Forks

Single Range


MSE-Forks has introduced a range of hydraulic forks for warehouse trucks, reachtrucks, etc. that are ideal for double-deep pallet storage. This so-called RG2 range is unique in that each tine has its own cylinder meaning that ReachForks can be extended and retracted as fast as pantographs


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  • More speed than a double cylinder telescopic fork.
  • Smaller blade section for easier and save pallet entrée.
  • Optional: integrated camera system.

Special Features

  • Model TFG2 and TRG2 specially designed for very narrow aisle application.

Warehouse usage

Double-deep stacking increases warehouse capacity by up to 30% compared to “single-deep” warehouse operations. Because telescopic forks can reach twice as far as normal forks the warehouse racking at each side of the aisle can be doubled.


The picture below shows a reach truck with telescopic forks. Unlike a reach truck with fixed mast, a reach truck with telescopic forks does not need the warehouse racking to have a bottom beam to accommodate that the forklift legs can go under. With KOOI-Forks the pallets can be easily be in front of the supporting legs on the floor saving a lot of expensive warehouse space.


Attention! For double-deep stacking it’s required to use palletstops.

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"We needed the double-deep solution which would quickly provide an additional 300 storage locations in the warehouse."
Debbie Green, Operations Manager at Daymen International


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